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PAHS has managed to acquire the models, built by Bernard Penney, of the former railway station and cottage hospital after our fund drive in 2012. We thank the many people and organizations who assisted this including Husky Energy who gave us a very generous donation. We raised just over $2,000 on a ticket draw for which the prize was donated by Helen Griffin, Wayne Power, Rachelle Connors Anita O'Keefe and Winnie Barry. PAHS donated $1500 from its operational funds which we will seek to replenish this year by additioal fund raising. Donations are welcome.

The prize of a Christmas Basket was won by a worker at Long Harbour, Blair Mombrorguette. Thank you to all who help make this possible.

Symposium delayed

The Placentia Area Historical Society (PAHS) will not be able to host  the Heritage Symposium that it had been planned for October 26thto the 28thin partnership with Placentia 350 Inc. as part of the 350thAnniversary Celebrations. The cancellation is due to the unavailability of resource people. However, to help celebrate the history of the Placentia area the PAHS will be welcoming two speakers, on the 8thand the 29thof November as the Discover Placentia Speaker Series, who will speak on the early history of Placentia.

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Royal couple visits museum

The Placentia Area Historical Society welcomed a visiting Royal couple to the O'Reilly House Museum on September 14, 2012, as part of their four day visit to Placentia. They are the Earl and Countess of St Andrews and have ties to the British Royal family.  Lord St Andrews is the grandson of King George V and is the eldest son and heir to the Duke of Kent. They were in Placentia as it is the birth place of Lady St Andrews. 

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Tea Party 2012 held

The Annual Tea Party and Heritage Award of the Placentia Area Historical Society went ahead on the grounds of the O’Reilly House Museum, August 12, under beautiful sun.  Fortunately those who wanted it had shelter from a tent that had been erected by the Placentia 350 Inc. workers led by Robin Collins.


The group was welcomed by the PAHS President Tom O’Keefe who introduced the program for the day.  This was followed by the Placentia Bay Community singers singing the National Anthem and the Ode to Newfoundland.  The cake was then cut by Retired Deputy Chief Gary Browne RNC, who had helped organize the medal repatriation ceremony and parade in Placentia last year.  This was followed by serving of tea and refreshments and socializing while Sarah Murphy provided background music. Preparation and service of refreshments was assisted by Winnie Barry and members of the Festival of Flags.


The next event was the presentation of the Heritage Award.  This year the Royal Canadian Legion, Placentia Branch #33 was presented with the award because of it efforts in remembering the role of our veterans.  The Award was accepted on behalf of the legion by Ian Walsh.


During the Tea Party, and after, many took advantage of the free tours of the museum that were offered.


The event was held this year on grounds that had a brand new fence and concrete walk installed by the Placentia Area Development Association.  Construction of the concrete walk was assisted by Hynes Construction and a new gate was designed by Christopher Newhook. Mowing and trimming the lawn had been done by the Placentia 350 workers and PAHS student employees.See morephotos.


Museum open for 2012 season

Located on 48 Orcan Drive in Townside, Placentia, the O’Reilly House Museum is open for a new season. Hours of operation are 10 am to 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm to 6 pm, seven days a week.  Admission price is $2.00 for ages 14 and up, $1.00 for 6 to 13 years and under age 6 is free.  Staff for this summer includes Bradley Budden as Event Co-ordinator and three guides: Grant Payne, Jason Murphy and Brittany Young.

Save the Models

Bernard Penney of Jerseyside has constructed models of two building that were once important in the lives of people in the Placentia Area but these buildings have since disappeared, the Cottage Hospital and the Railway Station.  The models have been up for sale for some time.  When no one else locally showed an interest in buying them the Placentia Area Historically Society decided to take up the challenge for fear that the models may be sold outside the community. PAHS has now launched a campaign to raise six thousand dollars and hopes residents and former residents as well as businesses and organizations will join the campaign to save these models.

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Tea Party success

On August 13 the Placentia Area Historical Society sponsored a successful Tea Party and Heritage Awards event. As usual many people were in period costume, refreshments were served, and music provide.  This year because it was the 70th. Anniversary of the Atlantic Charter the Tea Party was dedicated to that event.

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Basque visit Placentia

The president of PAHS was please to be one of the people at a "brunch" in Placentia on August 5th. to welcome a group of Basque people here on a sailboat, the "Pakea Bizkaia."


Hosted by the town the sailors also visited Castle Hill  National Historic Site and the O'Reilly House Museum where they saw evidence of early vists by the Basque. They also took part in celebrations going on at this time. The boat they are sailing is part of a project  to promote environmental care, encourage education in values, popularize sailing and use it as a teaching tool, build a relationship with other cultures, and promote Bizkaia to the world. Bizkaia is a small province in the North of the Iberian Peninsula.


The crew on this 20 meter long sailboat each specialize in a different area such as: health, education, kitchen area, maintenance, etc. They are visiting Newfoundland because of its long history with the Basque.  The first Basque were in Placentia back in the 1500s.



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