The Placentia Area Historical Society (PAHS) is always seeking to augment and improve the collection of artefacts that are part of the exhibits at the O’Reilly House Museum. Nonetheless, since its inception in 1989, the museum has been acquiring a wide array of artefacts for display from local residents. And in order to ensure the organisation of this collection, paper copies that detailed relevant information about the artefacts, have been meticulously maintained.


However, recently, with a respectful nod to advances in technology, the collection at the O’Reilly Museum has been transferred to an open source, computer-based collections software programme — Museum Archive Software (

In so doing, the information related to the artefacts, such as when it was donated/ given as a loan for display, the name of the donor/lender and the date when the artefact became a part of the museum collection, is maintained in the collections software. This information, in addition to other features such as an image of the artefact, is used to ensure proper control and management of the collection.

Without question, the Museum Archive collection software has promised to make this control and management an easier task. Moreover, it has helped to pave the pathway to further enhance the collection at the O’Reilly House Museum.

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