Head-Constable James Kent
(Royal) Newfoundland Constabulary

James Kent was born in Brigus South in 1858. He joined the Constabulary Force of Newfoundland on October 1st, 1877. As an operational police officer he was stationed at a number of Constabulary Stations throughout Newfoundland. James Kent was an Acting Sergeant in Harbour Grace when his son Martin was born. In the early years of the 1900’s Sergeant Kent was posted from Harbour Grace to the Constabulary Station in Placentia.
Sergeant Kent was soon promoted to Head-Constable Kent, Officer Commanding the Constabulary Station in Placentia. On November 1st, 1926 Head-Constable Kent was honoured by the people of Placentia on the occasion of his official retirement from the Constabulary after 50 years of dedicated exemplary service to the people of Newfoundland. The retirement celebration was held at the Star Hall in Placentia. Magistrate Michael Sinnott gave the retirement address at the Star Hall. Some of his comments were: You sir, have become an institution in our Town. For 25 years you have been the embodiment of Law and Order. Those in, sorrow and affliction, have found you a wise counselor and true friend. It can be truthfully said that during your long term of office, in Placentia at least, you have succeeded in making friends of every one. . This is the more remarkable when your calling is taken into consideration, entailing, as it had to sometimes, some most unpleasant duties. It can be said of you, that while never flinching when duty called, you did not make it unnecessarily hard on the delinquent, in fact, if fault you had, it was that, duty was tempered with mercy.

Prepared by: Gary F. Browne, M.O.M.
Deputy Chief of Police (Retired)
Royal Newfoundland Constabulary

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