On Sunday, May 5th. the Placentia Area Historical Society (PAHS) concluded the business of the Annual General Meeting with the election of an executive.  Re-elected to their positions were President Tom O’Keefe, Vice-president Chris Newhook, and Secretary Winnie Barry.  The group elected a new member, Daisy Stuckless, to be the treasurer.



The annual reports of PAHS indicate a successful year both in regard to finances and programs.  The celebration of Placentia’s 350th. Anniversary, organized by the Town of Placentia, played a role in that success.  PAHS participated in the celebrations committee, Placentia 350 Inc.  It also ran a number of programs of which the Discover Placentia Speaker Series was the most ambitious.  Several authors and speakers were invited to give talks to the public about their work or about Placentia.  These were held on Thursday evenings and rotated between the Arts Centre and the Freshwater Community Centre.


As usual the museum was open during July and August for the tourist season.  Four students were hired to give tours to visitors and maintain the museum.  Artefacts added to the museum this year included a stand-up phonograph, a spyglass, a rocking chair and two models. The models, constructed by Bernard Penney of Jerseyside, were of the former railway station and cottage hospital.  PAHS organized a drive to raise funds to buy the models. This resulted in many donations for which PAHS expressed thanks to the public, including the largest one from Husky Energy.


The Annual Tea Party in the museum garden was well attended and an annual Heritage Award waspresented to the local branch of The Royal Canadian Legion for their efforts in telling the stories of our veterans.


PAHS was fortunate to get a new fence erected this year by the Placentia Area Development Association and a concrete walkway installed with the assistance of Hynes Construction.


The John Hamilton headstone (which had never been used for its intended purpose) was re-located from the former Blenheim House property (where it had once been a doorstep) to the museum garden because of new construction at the former location.


PAHS looks forward to another active period this year and invites support of the whole community.


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