Special Occasion for Meeting

When the Placentia Area Historical Society held its Annual General Meeting this year (2022) it was a special occasion.  The meeting was held on March 27 which was fifty years since the Society had been incorporated on March 27, 1972.

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50th Anniversary

The Placentia Area Historical Society was incorporated in 1972, and celebrated its 50th birthday on  Sunday, March 27. 2022. As a historical society  It took on the role to promote the study, knowledge and preservation of the history of the Placentia area.  It has a ripe field in which to do this as Placentia history goes back to the sixteenth century and was involved with many nationalities including Basque, French, English, Irish, Americans and Canadians.  The Society itself has quite a history because it is the descendant of an organization started in 1937, the Ancient Capital Historic Committee, which signifies the 85th year since its original formation. That committee is believed to be the second historical committee set up in Newfoundland. 

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Passing of William Hogan

Tom O'Keefe, president of the Placentia Area Historical Society has issued the following statement:

I would like to express my condolences to his family and friends on the passing of William Hogan and also the condolences of the Placentia Area Historical Society. Bill was a great mayor that did much for our community recognizing the importance of our history to the town’s economic development and did much to support it. This including developing a plan for the renewal of the town square including a plan for the former convent to be a cultural hub, the establishment of the cultural interpretation office, the collection of oral histories and negotiating a relationship with Memorial University to promote the establishment of a Placentia Institute of Newfoundland Studies. He also started the twinning between Placentia NL and Plentzia in Spain and supported the archaeological digs in Placentia. Not all continued or got completed because of lack of funds or the same attention of those who followed Bill. Because of his interest in history, he received a heritage award from the historical society. May he rest in peace.

Heart to Harp

Harp 1       Harp 2

Placentia was gifted a wonderful impromptu visit this September by award-winning globetrotting recording artist, teacher and professional concert harpist Gianetta Baril. Ms. Baril decided to turn the covid pandemic into a blessing for the world when she converted a van into a self-contained rolling home/concert hall with her giant harp — stopping wherever people were in need of hope and inspiration. Her very last planned performance was in the 1908 St. Luke’s Anglican Church (now St. Luke’s Cultural Heritage Centre) before she boarded the Marine Atlantic ferry next morning to begin her return trip back west to her home. 

Ms. Baril set out from Calgary on April 21st on the road in a brand new Ford Transit van playing covid-safe events at seniors residences, hospitals, schools, in parks and beside private homes.

It all started as an idea sparked by the pandemic. Between the suffering and struggle, I saw an opportunity to bring people together and ignite moments with music. So for the next couple of years, I am travelling across the country – and eventually the continent – with my harp, Amadei.” commented Gianetta.

For more information please visit forloveofharp.com.com; there are more photos and stories on Facebook and Instagram.

Atlantic Charter 80th. Anniversary

Keynote Speaker Dr Russell On Saturday, August 14, 2021 a dinner was held at the Placentia Bay Cultural Arts Centre to celebrate the 80th. Anniversary of Atlantic Charter agreed to between President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill off Ship Harbour, Placentia Bay on August 14 1941. Due to COVID-19, the event was not open to the general public, however it was recorded and will be shared on the Town’s site. Those in attendance had the pleasure of sharing

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Archaeology Student

MUN Archaeolody Grad Student,Colleen Tambkyn, will be available  in St. Luke's Church for the month of July to share information about ceramics found at Fort Louis.  She can also share information about Fort Louis.She will be available week days from 9 am to 4pm with a lunch break at 12 noon. This has been arranged by the Placentia Area Archaeology Committee. The public is invited to drop in and see Colleen.

St. Luke's Anglican Church

St Lukes Church           Transfer of church

On October 19, an event was held at St. Luke’s Anglican Church in Placentia to deconsecrate the church and turn it over to the Placentia Area Historical Society.  

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Preserving Gravestones

On August 13, Dale Jarvis, of Heritage NL presented a workshop on gravestones in the former St. Luke’s church in Placentia. The site is what is probably one of the oldest graveyards in Newfoundland.  The goal of the workshop was to inform people on how to properly look after gravestones.  It was sponsored by the Placentia Area Historical Society.  Dale Jarvis was assisted by Andrea O’Brien in the presentation.   

Information that came out of the presentation indicates the some of the actions taken to preserve or restore

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